Spend as much time as you can on what you’re best at

It’s definitely been a while since I last wrote, but for some time now, I have been thinking a lot about re-pivoting this blog in a way that best reflects my journey as an entrepreneur. Well, I feel I have that now. Moving forward, most, if not all, of the content of this blog will be tidbits of knowledge and experience that I have learned over the last decade of being an entrepreneur. Hopefully you enjoy it and please do share!

For today, I want to briefly talk about focus and more specifically, where you focus your time while you work. If you are at all like me, you have a lot of pulls, commitments and obligations on your time. For some time now, I have really sought to fine tune how I do my work and more importantly, stay focused on the core components that make me successful at what I do. Now for each of us, this might look a bit different, but the concept is the same. In each of our work, there is probaly aonly a couple things that truly make a difference. When I say this, I mean that some things do matter more than others when it comes to what we do. This doesn’t mean that we should stop doing some things (although maybe), but more so identify what is truly impactful in our work and do that. The doing part is what I want to elaborate here.

In my business, I spend a certain amount of time (without distractions) on the 3 most impactful tasks that truly move the needle and I do this every day. That’s it, pretty straightforward. The hard part is sitting down and getting things done because distractions are inevitable. You truly have to block out everything else to get done what is vital. Small distractions and pulls do matter when it comes to getting things done because it takes us out of our flow. In the beginning and even periodically, I do find it hard to focus. Sometimes, 10 minutes feel like an hour, or if I’m really in the zone, the opposite is true. Love it when that happens! The truth is, we need to be productive and not just busy. I heard once that busy is another way of saying “out of control” and I don’t think that is far off. All of us have stuff to do, things to get done, people to meet, etc. At the end of the day, you need to reflect on what you actually accomplished. If you’re not getting things done, or in layman’s terms, creating results, you are not going to get far.

Some days will be more productive than others, but the important thing is that you push the ball forward and maintain momentum. Over time the consistency will drive results, I promise, but until then just stay the course. The lesson, spend allocated time on what matters, identify those vitals, and hit it every day with consistency.


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