This may happen along the way

If you are anything like me, you push yourself. You want to see what you are made of, what you can do on this earth with each breath you take. Along the way you will face adversity, challenges, and obstacles. These shouldn’t be feared, nor avoided, but embraced. You may also face times of discouragement and frustration: you are not getting there fast enough, it’s not what you want, there’s more of you to give, and on and on it can go. The one thing that’s kept me going during those times has been the realization of dissatisfaction as a symptom of my ambition.

I always feel like I’m hitting this wall, that there is more in me than what I’m showing, even if on the outside it looks like I’m accomplishing a lot. Hear me when I say that I am truly grateful for all I have, but so often there is that difference between what I’m doing and what I am capable of. Maybe you have those same feelings? I’ve come to embrace my own dissatisfaction as a part of the journey of my ambition. I know that as long as I push, I will have moments along the way where I want more out of myself. That’s who I am and maybe you are the same. Be patient with it, but never stop seeking.


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