Tenacity & Patience

I believe there will be many times throughout our life where tenacity will need to be met by patience with understanding, not angst. Tenacity is a good thing, and we must exercise it throughout life if we are to get what we want, but also know that there is a time where our tenacity must let patience do its course .

We must exercise our patience with all things we cannot control and realize at that time when our tenacity has exercised its fullness. Especially when we are dealing with people our patience must stretch farther. Everyone has a unique perspective and a process that we must inevitably respect. Not doing so, we risk being seen as ignorant. Our tenacity can overshadow our patience if we try to control things that are outside of our circle.

Knowing when to push & and when to wait is key wisdom we must gain in life if we are to progress forward with understanding.

Once we recognize that life moves differently beyond the lens we see through, we will not only help ourselves be at ease, but also provide guidance to understanding the limits our our tenacious ways.


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