Importance of non-busy things

Life is hectic and we all have a lot going on, no doubt. I’ve learned that there will always be things that “need” to be done, the list is endless. If we are not careful, we can get caught up in these things. Some of them are important, some urgent, and some a combination of the two. Unfortunately, a lot that is urgent is not important, although there are urgent matters of importance that we must attend to. These urgent matters are bound to happen and we must attend to them for the sake of what they are.

There are matters, however,  which we mistake as urgent, but are not truly important in the sense that they don’t contribute to our life in an effective way. These things often disguise themselves in the non-busy arena of the daily grind, but in hindsight, are very important. We obviously don’t do them because they don’t pull at us like urgent “to-do” like agendas. The trick is to identify these non-busy, non-urgent things that are very important to our life because, more often than not, they are the most important things at the end of the day.

I feel being effective is identifying what is truly important and making sure to spend time with and on those things. Behind the hustle and grind is always a greater why and, if we are not aware, we can spend time on the grind with the sincere intent to make the important things better, but still fail because we neglected them for too long. It’s up to each of us to identify what’s important and do so sooner than later before we are swept away by the subtle undertow of a busy life.

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