Successful results are a mundane process

Setting new goals can be an exciting process. For many it represents change, a new beginning, but let me give you a heed of warning: successful, favorable results is often a mundane, boring, and tedious process. There is no glamour in the day-to-day grind of doing what it takes to accomplish what you want. It doesn’t matter what you are looking to accomplish, if you do not have the grit to see through the mundane, daily tasks you will not see your goals to their entirety.

In the beginning, the process is exciting, and yes we can see some change right away, but that’s the illusion of it all. The temporary gratification of immediate results must not deter us mentally from what it will take to have long-term success with our goals, because at some point, or another, we will face adversity. That is not an “if”, but a “when”. At some point, we will face challenge, but do not be deterred, because the result is always worth the struggle But you probably already knew that, so what next?

Well here’s the thing. Those challenges, struggles, and times of adversity are not always as big as we make them. Sometimes they are, but most of the time they are not. Let’s be honest. The struggles you face in accomplishing your goals come in the form of small, minute battles with our own discipline. We know we should, but we don’t because we’re lazy. Eventually the luster will fade from the excitement of starting, and what is left will be an often simple, yet boring process of doing things that we could just as easily not do. Prepare for this.

You will have to do what most people won’t, do it without the expectation of any immediate gratification, or recognition from others, sometimes alone and against what’s popular, but when you look back after the fact, I can promise you that it will be worth it. Don’t give up.


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