You get in life what you tolerate

In order to healthily move forward, we must learn to not tolerate that which harbors outside of our values, that which we know is right. Tolerating things that shouldn’t is laziness. Are you too comfortable in your own circumstances to exit something from your life that does not serve you? If we let things in our life run their course, by means of our own toleration of them, then we will not have room for the people, events, opportunities, travel, fulfillment, or whatever it may be that brings you happiness.

I feel we tolerate less than what we deserve, because are too consumed by our own internal fear; a fear that has deceived us too many times. We all deserve to enjoy what this life has to offer, but we cannot if we tolerate things in our life that do not serve us. We have to cut ties from them. We really do get in life what we tolerate. Each of us is tolerating something that we shouldn’t. We stay there by choice, but we also live free by choice as well. Nothing keeps us in fear except our own lack of courage; a courage that so desperately needs to fly free. None of us exempt. We all face fear, but it is our choice to not tolerate it that separates us from a life of happiness, and one of despair.



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