“Life is an experience, go be something”

In the ground like a fence post?

I chose the title of this brief, yet important topic to hopefully drive home the question that many of us have: are we fixed, or stuck to the ongoing circumstances that currently prevail in our life? The answer to this question might seem rhetorical, but for many it is a lot easier said than done….

Plan for the unexpected

If there has been any consistency in my journey as an entrepreneur it is that nothing quite goes as expected. This means we must plan for corrections, unexpected events and setbacks. The lack of this mentality creates complacency. When we get in the mindset of expected positive outcomes (or that we cannot fail is a…

A forward progression

As an entrepreneur, there are a few things that stand out as being more important than this one. If I had to give anyone advice on the best thing you can do for yourself while building your own image, company, or brand, it would be integrity. We’ve got to do the right thing. In an…

This may happen along the way

If you are anything like me, you push yourself. You want to see what you are made of, what you can do on this earth with each breath you take. Along the way you will face adversity, challenges, and obstacles. These shouldn’t be feared, nor avoided, but embraced. You may also face times of discouragement…

We must think “not” just primary consequences

All decisions have their own set of consequences, successes and pains. In essence, if you do “X” then you can most likely expect “Y” to happen. Sometimes “Y” is a good thing, sometimes not. It all depends on the specific nature of our day-to-day decisions. When making them, this is an important factor to consider….

Tough challenges become your greatest assets

I’ll make this one quite simple. There is no doubt that immediate challenge and adversity faces us multiple times in our lifetime. Unfortunate things happen and years of planning can be thrown out in an instance. All of a sudden, we are forced to play defense, but let me reiterate a point. These challenges, adversities…

What’s not there might mean more

Have you ever thought about what you can learn that’s not happening? It’s quite powerful if you think about it that way.  From the hidden & unspoken, we can learn a lot. Perception is not always what’s visible, but what’s invisible. Communication is a lot of the same thing. Sometimes the words unsaid mean much…


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